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Play PUBG on your Slow Android Phone Smoothly!!!

Hello readers,

So just like many PUBG Mobile players I have an old Android phone,it is now more than 2 year old and yes it has only 2GB of RAM.

So when PUBG mobile got released I was so excited to play PUBG but then the reality struck me, my phone doesn’t have enough RAM and the game was extremely laggy even in the lowest possible settings.

But then I found this app called GFX Tool.So today I will write a tutorial on how to play PUBG mobile on older phones smoothly.

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This app helps to improve the PUBG Gameplay on Older devices by decreasing the resolution beyond the native settings to increase the game performance.

So How does this app works?

First of all install PUBG mobile on your Device.

Then Change the following settings

Screenshot Image

First change the resolution to the lowest available That is 960×540.

Change graphics to So Smooth

Change FPS to 30FPS

Disable Anti-Aliasing

and Change the Style to whatever you want Classic is preffered.

Then Click on “ACCEPT” it will then change to “RUN GAME” then Click on it and PUBG will start on your mobile with the lowest settings.

Now you can enjoy PUBG on your low spec mobile.

Here are some Other tips and tricks which might help you to improve performance:

  1. Do not charge your phone unless required while playing PUBG.
  2. Only play PUBG when battery level is above 15%.
  3. Do not enable battery saver while playing PUBG.
  4. If the phone over heats then remove the back cover if removable.
  5. keep a steady air flow behind your phone if it overheats by using a table fan.
  6. If you phone is rooted then follow the steps below(we will not be responsible for any damage or problem,do not do this if you don’t know what is this,if you know these then do it at your own risk):
    1. Underclock the cpu using kernel aduitor.
    2. Undervolt the cpu to reduce heating to a certain extent.
    3. Change the LMK parameters so that maximum RAM is Allocated.
    4. Alternative to Underclocking you may Overclock your CPU if and only if your phone doesn’t gets over heated.

Warning : your default key layout might get changed

Disclaimer : We will not be responsible for any data loss /damage/any other problems.We will not be responsible for any damage to your phone.You will the following the tutorial at your own risk.

Thanks For Reading

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