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Whatsapp tests ‘reverse image search

Whatsapp tests 'reverse image search'

With the horrific video based on the New Zealand terror attack being shared online across Facebook and whatsApp, The WhatsApp team at facebook has begun to test reverse image searching to prevent photo hoaxes and explicit videos from being shared online.u00a0

The team at facebook is very concerned towards the experience it provides to its users which could be seen when the terror video spreading like fire was quickly grounded. This feature uses the WhatsApp in app-browser to compare the fake photos and videos at the same time with the Google images. This further ensures safety and helps detect fakes with ease.

The feature could be more useful in cases where the viral media spreads through the chain of long texts, showcasing the ability of reverse search. Though the fact remains true that the users have to take the image and look the web for it themselves. This initiative has to be taken the users themselves.

In 2018 itself WhatsApp was warned by the central government to take steps against spread of fake news or else they had to face legal action. WhatsApp had offered $50,000 for research of the same.

WhatsApp has already placed limits on forwarding messages containing viral rumors of child abductions, child traffickers , messages asking for donations etc. In many countries the rumors based on medicines have resulted in widespread and even Resurrection of diseases.u00a0

WhatsApp has taken many steps and initiatives to tackle fake news. It has been offering cash rewards ,wide exposure to the researchers and the people who are studying on this topic. The team at WhatsApp is assisted by many organisations for fighting hoaxes.

A request to all the readers

On Friday, the whole world was left stunned in the aftermath of the devastating terror attack which claimed the life of 50 innocent civilians and immigrants. Below is the link which you can visit to help the terror attack victims. A single penny counts.



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