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How to Fix Instagram Lag? Tips and Tricks

After the recent update, Instagram has shown a delay in loading Images and videos.many users have a complaint about Instagram lagging. Even some of he has faced a similar problem at the Instagram login page itself. 

Let’s have a look at how to solve this problem;

  1. Check Your Internet connection

A slow network is the most common error when concerned with this problem. Try connecting to a better network and check again.

2. Try logging in again  

Once you login in again let the application load a bit and check whether the same is working or not. If working fine, Cool if not try performing other troubleshooting steps.

3. Activate Instagram In-Built feature to fix lag 

Instagram has announced a new feature that will help Instagram to load a bit faster once out of a proper network. To activate this feature go to

“Settings,” then “Account” and tap “Cellular Data Use” Then turn off data saving mode and set the High-resolution media settings to Wifi+Mobile. Although it will consume data but will prevent the app from lagging. 

4. Clear Cache 

Go to “Settings” then “Applications” then Instagram followed by cleaning the data.

Go to the app and then login again hope the problem will be solved. 

5.Clear RAM 

Slow phones, Phones with lesser RAM sometimes face the same problem. Clearing the RAM is one of the solutions you can apply.

6.Uninstall all the third-party Instagram Analysers

Most of us have a habit to keep a check of all our Instagram Followers for which we log in with third-party Instagram applications. Change your password or log out of all other devices and check again.

I hope your problem is solved. If not let us know we’re ready to help 

Khalid Khan

Khalid Khan is an Engineering Student with vast experience in Content Writing & Editing with numerous published articles and other writing work. He is always seeking to break new ground and share their knowledge.

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