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How to Remove Unwanted Duplicate Files From Your PC?

Hello readers, today in this article we are going to talk about an important and annoying problem which every user has to face but are unaware of the problem.

The Problem is duplicate files sometimes you just copy some files from one drive to another but then you forgot to remove it and just create an unnecessary duplicate file which will just stay and use unwanted extra space.

So today in this article we are going to tell you the way with the help of which you will be able to remove such annoying files.

We will be using an application called Anti-Twin.

This software is a portable software i.e. you need not install to use it, you just have to double click the downloaded file and the application will start, that’s it.

So lets start,

Go to the Anti-Twin Download Page

Screenshot 36

Now Download the encircled file and Double Click to Open It.

Screenshot 39

Now the above page will open up. Here you will need to configure where and how you would like to search, then start the search process

In the Basic Folder Section select the place you would like to search here we selected a test folder where we intentionally created duplicate files for checking.

Here in the above two screenshots you can see the files we have created a lot of copies to test this application.

Now lets click on search for duplicate files to start the process.

Screenshot 48

After the process get completed, you will be shown all the redundant/dupicate files.

Now to Automatically select the duplicates click on “Selection by properties”

Screenshot 50

On the menu apply the following settings as shown in the image below and click on apply, this will select all the files except the original copies, no matter where it is.

Screenshot 51 1

After that the above popup will come up, here select the following as shown on the image and click “Yes, recycle bin”.

Then it will automatically select all the duplicates.

Screenshot 52

Now press on delete selected files and all your dupicates will be deleted to recycle bin for safety.

Screenshot 53

Here is the final cleaned up folder.

Hope this will be an important and useful tutorial for our readers.

Disclaimer : We will not be responsible for any kind of damage or unwanted deletion.

Thanks for reading!

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