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How to access the dark web?

Hello readers,

So in an earlier article, we wrote a tutorial on how to surf anonymously using Tor, You can read about it more HERE.

In that article we used an app called Tor, called the onion router as the name implies it routes our traffic from one country to another layer by layer just like an Onion.

The actual use of TOR is to surf the dark web. So today in this article we will show you some deep websites and how to access them.

First, if you are using android then read my previous article else if you are from any other platform then go to this link TOR and download according to your suitable platform.

How to connect on other platforms?

  • Install on windows or just extract on linux
  • Then click on the executable and run it

  • The above box will show up
  • Click on connect

After the loading is done a browser will open and that is the place from where we can start browsing the Onion websites

To check if you are connected to tor visit this link https://check.torproject.org/ on the browser.

If you are connected to the tor network then you will be greeted with the below website.

Warning : Beyond this point you should be very aware as any wrong step can put you in trouble or land you in jail or it might trouble you. If anything happens to you or anyone we will not be responsible, In Short we will not be responsible for anything.

Surfing the Deep Web

Now you cannot just surf anything on the deep web there are some special links called the onion links and these special websites are the ticket to the deep web sites.

lets see how can we visit the deep web wikipedia it is called the hidden wiki.

So after a little google search we can get all the required links to get started.

The first website is called the Tor Wikipedia.If we click on this link without using tor we will get an error page.

But on visiting it via the tor browser when connected to the tor network we will be greeted with the tor wikipedia.

Likewise you can enter onion links and surf the deep web,please be responsible while surfing the deep web.

Here you can get a bunch of hidden URL’s to get started http://torlinksd6pdnihy.onion/.

Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer : This article is only meant for educational purposes and we will not be responsible for anything.

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