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2019:A Year Of Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Artificial Intelligence has proven to be a very beneficial technology n the past few years. Many of the established businesses are looking forward to implement AI in their respective fields.

Here are the various technologies we can look out for in 2019 with AI :

1.Natural Language generation : This feature of AI converts data into meaningful text, which will allow computers to communicate certain ideas with perfect accuracy.

2.Digital Twin :This discipline of AI will bridge the gap between the physical environment and the digital environment.

3.Cyber Defense : This mechanism focuses on securing the infrastructure and information by preventing , detecting and providing timely responses to attacks or threats. 

4.Content Creation : This involves AI creating content on its own with the input of certain data.
For example : Wibbitz, it helps publishers create videos using the written content in minutes with the help of AI video production technology. Wordsmith : it generates news stories based on earnings data with the help of NLP.

5.Emotion Recognition :
Software made using this particular technology will able to read the emotions on a person’s face using advanced image processing. This particular technology will help many areas of the system like the interrogation aspect in the police system. they can detect lies and can get out more information from the person they are interviewing. This can be done basically by detecting micro-expressions which the image processor will be very efficient in.

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