Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Not Working; Faced Global Outage

Users from all around the world reported that Facebook, Instagram as well as WhatsApp is down for them. Downdetector found that Facebook and Family faced global outage.

Around 12,000 Users from all around the globe reported that messenger is not loading and Facebook pages too. Downdetector reports suggest that all the servers went down at a single time.

Earlier today, an issue in one of our central software systems caused many people to have trouble accessing Facebook’s family of apps. We quickly investigated, started restoring access, and we’re now monitoring for full recovery. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Facebook spokesperson (To CNN Business)

More than 22,000 down reports are detected for Instagram. Around 70% of people out of them faced problems in loading their Insta News Feed. At 19:18 IST on November 28, the down happened.

Instagram tweeted about the down recently acknowledging that the server is down for all Facebook’s family of apps.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp gets down in Europe and South America. There are few reports about it too but the WhatsApp outage is not globally. WhatsApp hasn’t commented till on the down.

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