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Russian Farmers Boost Milk Production by Giving VR to Cows

Farmers at RusMoloko farm ( Krasnogorsk) in Moscow’s Ramensky district have modified Virtual Reality Headsets to fit into Cows’ heads to change their moods. By reducing anxiety, the purpose is to boost the quality and quantity of milk production.

As per the Moscow’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the VR headsets provide a simulation of a pleasant environment with colors that suits Cow’s nature.

Researchers began to pay more attention to the emotional state of animals. Examples of dairy farms from different countries show that in a calm atmosphere, the quantity, and sometimes the quality, of milk increases markedly.

Moscow’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food

The researchers along with veterinarians and diary consultants designed the VR glass in such a way that it will show much red shade and less of green-blue color as cattle are more likely to give more quantity of milk with the red color atmosphere.

Based on interviews with farmers using various systems to improve livestock welfare, a relationship was formulated between the positive, including emotional, experience of cows and the positive effect on milk production.

Moscow’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food

The unique summer field simulation program experiment is carried out by Milknews and initially, the results are better. Now, researchers are working to scale the project so that the dairy system can be modernized.

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