How Facebook and Twitter are affecting US elections

The 2020 US elections are knocking at the door and the tensions are growing up and fear still continues like 2016 US elections of normal people making premature claims of victory in the social media platform.

Facebook Affect:

Facebook and Twitter have laid out detailed and specific plans about what happens if the results are not immediately clear or if something arises like biased voting among the citizens with the help of social media as it happened down in 2016. Trump himself told in 2016 that he would have not won the election without the help of social media.

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg stated, “This election is not going to be business as usual”. On election night, Facebook will pin a message to the top of both Facebook and Instagram telling users that vote counting is still under process. When authoritative results will be out, Facebook will change those results to reflect the official results.

If any candidate declared victory prematurely, Facebook does not say that it will remove and trash all those claims, but will pair them with a message that there is no official result and the voting is still under process.

Twitter Affect:

Twitter on this, released its plans for handling election results two months ago, explaining that it will either remove or attach a warning label to premature claims of victory before authoritative election results are in. People see upon Twitter where they come to hear directly from elected officials.

Last week, the company also began showing warnings at the top of their feeds. The messages told users that they “might encounter misleading information” about mail-in voting and also cautioned the users to wait for the results and not spread misinformation.

Twitter says that users who try to share tweets with misleading misinformation will see a pop-up pointing them to validate the information and forcing them to click through a warning before sharing. Twitter also says it will act on “disputed claims” that might cast doubt on voting structures, including “unverified information about election rigging, ballot tampering, vote tallying, or certification of election results.”

Now it’s to see, how America’s next president will set the agenda for the struggle against Covid-19, and the fight for racial justice, gender equality, and the fair distribution of wealth.

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