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WhatsApp new privacy policy update 2.0

After the controversial update related to the WhatsApp privacy policy, the company is attempting to introduce the WhatsApp new privacy policy again the main difference is that there is a change in the tone. The new privacy policy by WhatsApp now is almost the same but this time there is more clarity but also this time there are also some questions that are still unanswered.


WhatsApp is reaching the users through their status features, while also putting up the banner to share the new WhatsApp privacy policy feature to other users.

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Update


The firm has also clarified that they are not sharing the data with Facebook In a blog post by the Facebook-owned firm said that Other apps say they’re better because they know even less information than WhatsApp. We believe people are looking for apps to be both reliable and safe, even if that requires WhatsApp having some limited data.

Hereby the other apps mean Telegram and Singal that have gained a lot of users after the privacy policy announcement WhatsApp has mentioned them here as other apps.

We’ve seen some of our competitors try to get away with claiming they can’t see people’s messages – if an app doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption by default that means they can read your messages.

The firm also said that people should know how WhatsApp is made free for everyone. We agree with the efforts by WhatsApp but there are still questions that are unanswered.

Like WhatsApp is saying that their chats are end to end encrypted and no other third party can see the conversation going on between a business and a person, and they said that We display more information directly in WhatsApp so if there is any chance of chats being monitored then this would be a serious concern.

However it is still not clear how it the encryption will work.

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