AMD Radeon to come on Samsung smartphones

Samsung will soon integrate AMD graphics on its mobile chip set. AMD Radeon is well known in graphics department. Therefore, Samsung plans to use AMD’s Radeon RDNA technology to enhance graphics on phones. Samsung’s representative said “we expect that the GPU technology will start being adopted in products that will be launched two years down the road roughly,” , reported by So, we will see phones with AMD Graphics in 2021. Moreover, Tom’s Hardware has reported AMD has licensed Samsung for graphics chip set.

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Samsung already uses Radeon graphics on laptops and desktops. Samsung’s own Exynos SoC is presently used. It powers most of the Samsung Galaxy devices which is a premium range of smartphones. But Exynos is not shipped in some countries. Radeon RDNA may help Samsung boost its graphics processing in Exynos chips.

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AMD’s Radeon RDNA technology powers 7 nm gaming GPU. It is a new architecture that focus on high end gaming. Presently it powers AMD’s 7 nm processor like Radeon RX 5700 XT. This new architecture competes with Nividia’s graphics at a level. Moreover, it will be available for a large range of devices, including smartphones. The use of new architecture will reduce the cost of development and research for Samsung.

Learn about AMD’s 7 nm Navi GPUs

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