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WidgetSmith Rises in Popularity with over 50 Million Users

Customizing your Phone is a Very Crafty Thing to do. For a Long Time, iPhone Users were Deprived of this fun. But After the iOS 14 Update, this has changed. Read to know how WidgetSmith Became a huge Overnight Success by harnessing the user’s needs towards customizing their iPhones Homescreen Look.

Customizing Homescreens has been fairly simple and popular among android users, mainly because of the availability of themes in Most Android Flavours. Even if you have a Stock Android Device You have possibly limitless Customization options available. Launchers, Wallpapers, Icon Packs, Widgets, and Much More are just One Click Away for regular Android users.

This wasn’t the case for iPhone Users as Widgets were not customizable but after iOS 14 released support for widgets on the home screen was better. along with this many new UI changes were done and people started customizing their home screens with widgets, changes the app icons, and much more.

In Comes WidgetSmith

with customizability reaching new heights, Custom widgets were becoming popular too. WidgetSmith was One of the custom widget providers in the apple app store. TikTok creators Provided a boost by showing people how to customize their home screen for better looks.

WidgetSmith is Developed by the same developer that has developed apps like WatchSmith, PedoMeter++, and others for Apple Watch and iPhones, David Smith. WidgetSmith Lets you use widgets in the app on your home screen to view information like weather reports, time, date, and much more.

Just 2 Weeks ago it was updated to provide widgets for health and fitness data. WidgetSmith lets you create your own widgets and place them on your home screen in 3 different sizes. You can make widgets in the app itself and then place them like you would place widgets of any other app from the home screen.

In The End, WidgetSmith has become the #3 most popular app in the Productivity category and has been downloaded over 4 million times in the month of December itself. This shows how much people love to Customize their devices to suit their style.

Download WidgetSmith here.

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