Use Google assistant to to read and reply your WhatsApp, telegram, slack messages

Google assistant message WhatsApp

Google assistant has an amazing feature to read and reply to messages. This feature is a very useful feature but earlier is limited to Google’s messages and hangouts only. But this feature earlier doesn’t support popular third-party apps such as WhatsApp, telegram, slack, discord, GroupMe etc.

Now, you can read and reply to messages from WhatsApp, telegram, slack, discord, GroupMe etc through the assistant.

First of all, open the assistant by saying “Ok Google”. Then say “read my messages”.

If you have given permission to read the notifications, skip to the next paragraph. If you haven’t given the permission to read notifications to assistant, then a pop-up will appear to ask for the permission to read notifications. Click ok on the pop-up.

Google assistant asking permission for message (Source techthelead)

Then the assistant will show you the message. It also asks you if you like to read the message, if you say yes then it will speak the message. It will also tell you the name of the app.

Google assistant read message on WhatsApp business (Source android authority)

Then you can also tell to reply to the app. You can either reply by telling the message or by physically typing it through the keyboard. Then the message will be erased.

If there is any other messages, it will again show the message and will repeat the above process.

Google assistant sending message (Source android authority)

Note: the assistant will only show the messages that are in the notification. Till now, assistant only reads the text messages only. If any message contains any media such as image, audio, video etc. If a message has video, the assistant will simply tell that ” the message just contains a video attachment ” and won’t play it.

Google is yet to officially announce this feature and given that it isn’t available to everyone, Google is in the process of rolling out the functionality as it sees fit.

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