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Swiggy has collaborated with Dunzo, a delivery app, and is in the way of progress. Swiggy is a delivery and food ordering company start in India. The root of swiggy is in Bangalore. It’s provide complete food ordering and delivery solution from nearest restaurant,hotels and cafes to their customer. Troy. Nandan Reddy founded Swiggy.

Swiggy has over 3X increase in revenue in the last financial year. It has tied up with over 50,000 restaurants in over 80 cities and has a delivery fleet of more than 1.2 lakh partners. Since its last funding round three months ago, it has launched operations in Kochi, Coimbatore, Nagpur and Lucknow, and introduced innovative payment options for consumers and delivery partners.

Company is launching Swiggy Go. This would be a service akin to dunzo – moving parcels from one point to another. Unlike the delivery app that moves many things including food and groceries from one point to another, sources emphasised that the new vertical would solely focus on moving parcels like documents and perform several other errands.

Swiggy already has Swiggy Store to deliver groceries and other daily essentials . Consequently, Swiggy Go will be launched in Bengaluru after completing the pilot in Gurugram.

Swiggy Go will be taking dunzo head-on with this new vertical. The multi-billion USD valued firm already impacting dunzo volume through Stores in Gurugram. As of now, Swiggy Store is only operational in Gurugram.

Many experts believe that Swiggy has already begun eating market share of dunzo with its Swiggy Store and it would further impact the scale of Kabeer Biswas-led company with Swiggy Go. Given the Swiggy’s sheer scale, financial muscle and reach, dunzo will certainly feel the heat. 

While Swiggy Go would initially focus on moving C2C (consumer to consumer) parcels, sources indicate that it would also foray into ferrying B2B consignments inside a particular city .

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