Google To Remove Apps That Require Call Log, SMS Permission From Play Store

According to the latest news, Google has just announced a new policy. Under this policy Play Store will remove those apps which require access to SMS and Call Logs.

The move has been announced by the Google as part of a policy change. Android app developers were already notified through emails about this policy. They were also told to submit a permission declaration form otherwise their apps will be removed. Google stated that the apps which requires the permission to SMS and Call logs for their core functionality will stay on Play Store, while all other apps will be removed.

“We take access to sensitive data and permissions very seriously. This is especially true with SMS and Call Log permissions. They are designed to allow users to pick their favorite dialer or messaging app. But have also been used to enable many other experiences that might not require that same level of access. In an effort to improve user’s control over their data, last October we announced that we would be restricting developer access to SMS and Call Log permissions.” ~ Paul Bankhead, Director, Product Management, Google Play

Developers whose apps have been removed from the Google Play Store can submit their newer version of app with a permission declaration form.

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