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Humans : The New Enemies To Robots.

Yes, you heard it right ! We are the new allies to Robots. A hitchhiking robot at Philadelphia being beheaded , a security robot punched to the ground in Silicon Valley are some of the  evidences of human atrocities towards robots.

Why did we hurt those innocent man-made creatures that resembled humans ? Are we terrified that they will take over our jobs ? Cause major changes in our society? The answer to these questions are possibly yes.We are afraid of anything that we don’t fully understand

Comedian Aristotle Georgeson says that videos of human outrage on robots are one of the most viewed on his profile in Instagram . Aristotle who posts under the username of Blake Webber on Instagram receives much of the feedback regarding fear from the uprising of robots. He also reported that most of his viewers approve of the torture towards robots so that they don’t rise above humans where as few are against it because they think that it would piss off the robots if they somehow watch the videos in the near future.

According to Agnieszka Wykowska, a cognitive neuro-scientist, researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology and the editor in chief of the International Journal of Social Robotics, human antagonism towards robots resembles the ways that humans hurt each other and robot abuse might stem from tribal psychology of insiders or outsiders.

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There have been incidents of vigilantes throwing rocks at driverless cars in Arizona and reports from San Francisco suggests that human drivers purposely crashed into driverless cars. It is believed that fear of unemployment or vengeance might have driven the people to commit such abominable act .

Mrs Wykowska believes that giving names to humanoid robots which leads to personal affection towards them can reduce our brutal behavior.

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