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Google Search Will now provide additional data for result

Google Search has incorporated a new feature that will provide additional context to the search results for your typed keywords. The information will be provided by Wikipedia and Google itself.

Google has incorporated a new menu button in the search results which will be shown beside the result in mobile view. The feature is in Beta as of now and may or may not be available for users to use.

The feature will provide data about the website only and not the result. It will show if the result is an ad or a normal Search Result. Other than that the pop-up will provide extended information about the exact website that you will be visiting. The full webpage link and whether your connection to the website will be secured or not.

The website security’s information will be checked by finding if the website uses the HTTPS Protocol or not. The HTTPS Protocol encrypts all of the data that is transferred between your device and the website’s web server. Google app had no way of showing this information so this is very useful for the app.

Additionally, two Shortcut Buttons will be provided at the bottom. One of the buttons will take you to your Privacy Settings where you can control how data from your search history and from other Google products are used.

If and when the information is not coming from Wikipedia, Google will provide the data that it gained when indexing the site, like when it was first indexed and more.

Read More About the Feature in Google’s Blog Post About it.

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