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Google Lens will now offer additional Features

In the race of developing AI, Google Lens has developed an OCR feature that will allow you to scan and copy handwritten notes with a single touch on your screen. It is known as its multipurpose object recognition tool. But obviously it won’t work for Doctor’s Handwriting, Your writing should be clean enough to use this feature.

To use this feature you need to have the updated version of google chrome as well as the google lens application. Both are available on the Google Play store as well as the APPLE app store. Well, the usage is as simple as you select the text of any printed or computer-generated text.

You have to turn on your google lens and take a snap of the text you wanna copy. Select the text and click on copy. We ran several tests on this feature and found out it works best with nice and clean handwritings if you scan a rough text there are high chances of facing typographic errors.

Google has also an additional feature that will allow users to now how certain words are pronounced. Currently, this feature is only restricted to android but soon will be released for iOS as well.

“Now, with in-line Google Search results, you can select complex phrases or words to quickly learn more,”


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