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No Search Result for “Corona Virus” on Play Store

Google has disabled the Corona Virus search from Play Store. If you search “Coronavirus” or “COVID-19” on the Google play store then you will get “No results for Coronavirus” or “No results for COVID-19”.

But searches live “COVID19” delivers the result from a few sources like Carlig Limited, Sim&Co, and the official from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The crackdown on other apps and the disabled search is to stop fake apps from spreading rumors and fake information.

Not only Google, but Apple is also removing fake coronavirus apps from the App Store. Fake apps include apps not from officials or Government. Google has also published a website as “Coronavirus: Stay informed” that suggests right and meaningful information.

Not only this, but Google also made premium hangouts meet free for G Suite users to make people work from home easily amid coronavirus closures.

coronavirus map

Facebook is focusing on limiting the spread of misinformation and harmful content about the virus, while also connecting people to helpful information.


Facebook and Twitter are also limiting the spread of fake news on both the platforms to stop rumors and misinformation to cure coronavirus of fake medicine or from Alcohol.

Twitter is halting any auto-suggest results that are likely to direct individuals to non-credible content on the platform.


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