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Why Are Companies Removing Chargers From Their Smartphone Boxes?

Apple first started removing chargers from their smartphone boxes of the Apple iPhone 12. Apple was mocked by smartphone giants like Samsung and Xiaomi. But now all the posts by Samsung and Xiaomi regarding the removal of the charger were removed by the companies. This only means one thing. Apple has started a new trend, now in a few months or years, there will be no charger given when we buy a smartphone from any company.

The global population of 2020 is 7.8 billion and the number of smartphones out are 6.95 billion. This means that there are 6.95 billion charger units out there. An average person changes his smartphone in about two years. After two years there will be around 12 billion chargers if companies don’t stop giving chargers.

We all know that elements that we mine from the earth are non-renewable, or get completely exhausted if unused properly. A typical charger contains plastic, aluminum, zinc, and many other materials. Removing the charger from the box can help in reducing the carbon footprint of the earth.

Carbon footprint means the amount of carbon released to manufacture a product or a food source to reach your dinner table. In simple words when a crop is harvested and taken to a factory for processing and packing then transported to your local store. Then you drive to the store to buy that product. It means the carbon waste released by the vehicles from the farm to your dinner table.

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