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Top 5 Home Cameras For Surveillance

The new technology wave of connecting home security cameras inside as well as outside own houses have become a new trend and have made lives easier to track. These cameras connect themselves to the home WiFi network to record videos, send alerts, stream live videos on your smartphone, and updates you accordingly.

These security cameras have today become an integral part of most of the Indian houses. The companies keep making these cameras smarter by pushing new updates on them from time to time. The camera quality has also improved a lot for these security cams. Nowadays, these cameras have been much cheaper and can be found out on a pocket-friendly budget. There are plenty of models available in the market today and each claiming to be greater than the other.

Choosing the right one could be a tough task. So, here we got for you a list of the top 5 home security cameras that might help you someway to find the best one according to your personal needs.

1. Mi 360-degree 1080P WiFi Home Security Camera

The Mi 360-degree comes with a dual rotatable motor-head design that enables the camera to rotate and capture a full 360-degree horizontal view and 96-degree vertical view. The camera is shock-proof and the motor allows a smooth and silent rotation. The camera offers good picture quality with its 20 megapixels, 1080P resolution, and a wide dynamic range camera sensor.

It also gives a full-color palette in low light conditions without reverting to “illumination” that can only provide a black and white picture. It comes with an AI motion detector that accurately determines when to alert you and notifies you and your phone. The talkback feature also lets you talk to yourself and your family using the camera.

2. TP-Link Smart Cam Pan Tilt Home WiFi camera

The TP-Link Smart Cam offers videos and pictures in 1080P resolution. The camera is easy to install and affordable too. It offers a 360-degree horizontal range and a 114-degree vertical viewing area. It can provide a visual distance of up to 30 feet even at night. The camera supports MicroSD, with 128GB of storage. The other important aspects of this camera are live detection, motion detection, two-way audio, privacy mode that lets you shut down the surveillance.

3. Qubo Smart Indoor Camera – AI-Enabled with Home Security Camera

The Qubo smart indoor camera comes with a 1080P FHD camera with an ultra-wide lens and Alexa built-in that connects you with the wings that matter to you the most while you are away. The built-in speaker and mic allow you to instantly talkback straight from the Qubo App on your smartphone.

The Integrated Night Vision automatically switches on at night to evenly illuminate the whole room and give a clear vision even in the dark light conditions. It also allows you to store known faces in this device and can create custom alerts and then the Qubo smart camera is a perfect baby monitor as it has an advanced cry detection feature that will instantly notify you whenever it detects your baby crying.

4. Mi SXJ02ZM 1080P Basic Home Security

The Mi SXJ02ZM 1080P Basic Home Security Camera is another affordable Security System for your home. It offers 1080P FHD pictures and video. It is equipped with a 130-degree ultra-wide-angle lens and 10m ranged infrared night vision for pictures in low light or darkness. The camera is compatible with Alexa. So you can use your Echo devices to control the camera. The advanced AI motion detector in the camera helps to reduce false alarms.

5. TP Link Tapo C 100 1080P

The TP-Link Tapo C 100 1080P Basic Home Security Camera offers high definition video which records every image in crystal clear 1080P definition. The camera has advanced night vision which provides a visual distance up to 30 feet. It has a useful feature of motion detection, which detects any motion notifies and gives alert notifications. Trigger light and sound effects frighten unwanted visitors.

As well it has a feature of two-way audio, which enables communication through a built-in microphone and speaker. It has a safe storage capacity which locally stores up to 128GB on a micro SD card and equal to 384 hrs(16days) of footage. (according to tested laboratory setup). It is very easy to use and setup and everything can be controlled with the help of the Tapo App.

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