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Ransomware Attack On Toymaker Mattel

Ransomware Attack

Toymaker Mattel Hit By Ransomware Attack

Toymaker Mattel disclosed being hit by a ransomware attack on June 28, 2020. Mattel is the maker of Barbie, Fisher-Price, and Hot Wheels Toys. Further, the ransomware attack ciphered data from a number of systems. Also, it crippled a number of business functions. This was according to a 10-Q form filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Initially, the ransomware attack was successful. As a result, it encrypted some data. Fortunately, the attack did not cause any financial losses to the company.

As soon as the ransomware attack was detected, Mattel enacted the response protocols. The company took a number of measures to stop the attack and restore the affected systems.

Though there were some affected business functions. But, somehow the company managed to restore its operations. There has been theft of data and scheming of double extortion for more than a year. Also, there have been threats of leaking the company’s data.

The company stated, ‘A forensic investigation of the incident has concluded, and no exfiltration of any sensitive business data or retail customer, supplier, consumer, or employee data was identified. The company added that no material impact was there to Mattel’s operations or financial conditions.

There have been a number of ransomware attacks this year. Recently, the main target of these attacks is the healthcare industry. This is because of the current pressure of COVID-19 in the healthcare sector. Not only healthcare but large corporations have also been victims of ransomware attacks including Mattel. Fortunately, NoMoreRansom, a site, helps companies like Mattel. But they can only help before they become a real internet problem.

How Did The Attack Happen?

The occurrence of the ransomware attack and the use of malware is still a mystery. Also, it is uncertain who threatened. It is fortunate that Mattel was able to get away in such a short amount of time. Further, the company did not suffer any major harm.

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