34 Apps Removed From Google Play Store

In a span of two month’s, Google has removed 34 app’s. The removed app’s were detected to have Joker Malware in them. Android security claim’s to have removed 17,000 app’s from the Play Store to date. Joker virus is not a new virus, it is difficult to find the Joker Malware as it uses very little code. it bypasses Google’s security Scan through a technique known as “dropper”.

Recently the list of the infected apps was given by ZYSCALER, a cybersecurity firm. Moreover, The joker malware steals money from the users by subscribing to paid membership against the user’s will and the users get to know about this after the money is debited from the user’s account. The Joker Malware enters the OTP from the user’s device sent by the bank.

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Here is the list of the 34 app’s that are removed from the Play Store, in case you forgot to remove one from your device.

  1. All good pdf scanner
  2. Mint leaf message-your private message
  3. Unique keyboard-fancy fonts
  4. Free emoticons
  5. Direct messenger
  6. Private SMS
  7. One sentence translator- multifunction translator
  8. Style photo collage
  9. Meticulous scanner
  10. Desire translate
  11. Talent photo editor-blur
  12. Care message
  13. Part message
  14. Paper doc scanner
  15. Blue scanner
  16. Hummingbird pdf converter-photo to pdf
  17. All good pdf scanner
  18. Com.imagescompress.android
  19. Com.relax.relaxation.androidsms
  20. Com.file.recovefiles
  21. Com.training.memorygame
  22. Push message-texting and SMS
  23. Fingertip game box
  24. Com.contact.withme.texts
  25. Com.cheery.message.sendsms (two different instances ).
  26. Com.lplocker.lockapps
  27. Safety applock’s
  28. Emoji wallpaper
  29. Com.hmvoice.friendsms
  30. Com.peason.lovinglovemessage
  31. Com.remindme.alarm
  32. Convenient scanner 2
  33. Separate doc scanner

In conclusion, The removal of these applications means that there are much infected undetected application’s still in the Play store. It is important to install apps from trusted developers only.

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