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Best Download Manager for Android

People often misinterpret the importance of using a download manager. Yes, most of the browsers already have on download manager. And people who do not download a ton of files may not need one. But this perception is wrong. A good download manager not only organizes the downloads and files but also makes the process a little faster. Here are the top 5 download managers you can use without a fuss. The description also has links for downloading the Best Download Manager for Android.

1. IDM by Vicky Bonick

With a whopping rating of 4.5 on the google play store, IDM is a gem. It is one of the speediest and most advanced download manager available on android. The description provided in the play store also claims that it is 500% faster than normal download with pause and resume support. One of the best aspects of the app is it helps to reduce battery usage. It prohibits the running of background services if there is nothing to download.

The IDM by Vicky Bonick is one of the fastest out there.

The developer has also provided a paid version of the app. It costs around $2.49 (200 RUPEES). You can check it out here to know more.

Click the below button to know more about the app and even download it.

2. Kode Browser and Downloader by Mirmay Limited

Kode private browser and download manager is the best alternative to basic downloading.

One other alternative to basic downloading is the Kode private browser and downloader. The google play store’s customer reviews have given it 4.2 stars. It shows a promising interface. It ensures the absence of drag on browsing. Which eventually increases the speed and gives high bitrates. The user can download videos from almost any URL. Searching and Storing files hasn’t been easier. To know more about the app and its interface click here.

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3. Download Manager by Renkmobil Bilisim

Want to enjoy funny videos while downloading? This app is the best solution. The app lets you easily enjoy funny videos without the internet too. The app not only makes your download smooth but also provides a variety of content to pass the download time. The most recent version uses the self-developed U4 engine that performs with a 20% improvement in web connection, standard support, video watching, etc. The app has an interesting rating of 4.2 stars in the google play store.

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4. Free Download Manager by SoftDeluxe, Inc

With over 100k downloads and a rating of 4.4 stars, this app is a total package. It involves the smart downloading of large files directly from the internet. It helps in traffic usage and management like many other IDMs. FDM boosts all the downloads up to 10 times. One of the main features includes the download of torrent using BitTorrent protocol. It also facilitates with magnet link support. Helps in resuming broken and expired download links. So if you are looking for free and top-end management of your downloads then you have the solution right here.

5. Loader Droid Download Manager by Dmitry Voronkevich

Last but definitely not least is this master piece with over 5 million downloads. With a rating of 4.5, this app is a one-stop station for everybody looking to manage heavy loads of file downloads. This app is tailor-made for the Android platform. It can download any type of file and still leave a very small footprint on your android resources.

The main highlight of the application is the feature of resumable downloads. It also auto pauses downloads if the connection is lost. This means you don’t have to worry if you have a poor connection. The app makes sure the download is completed within minimal time. It also provides a link replacement feature for outdated links. Meaning the links that get expired can always be switched with the new one without losing data.

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