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Google Meet is working on custom and blurred backgrounds

Google Meet is reportedly working on new features. After adding the 16-participants tile layout to Meet, Now Google is working to add custom or blurred backgrounds in the video conferencing web and mobile app. Besides custom backgrounds, Google is also adding Q&A, Hand raising, Polling, Meeting Attendance, and additional moderator controllers.

All these features are the result of a hike in the use of video conferencing tools during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Though all these features can be disabled by the admin but yet all these features will help in defeating rival Zoom.

Education and Enterprises customers will get much help with the addition of all these features. Reports also suggest that Google Meet will upgrade the 16-participants tile layout to 49-participants tile layout.

Things will more become better for educators. No students or any other person can knock again after being kick out twice from the meeting. Not only this, after being removed once, but the user request to join will also no longer be shown directly on the interface. Anonymous users will be unable to join the meeting by default while schools and colleges can opt-in too. As the meet gets over, all the participants will be removed automatically so that students can’t chit-chat after classes.

Google Meet New Features

  • Attendance: New features will let the admin know about the participant’s attendance.
  • Rooms: There are breakout rooms made so that a meeting with large participants can be broken down into small rooms and have parallel discussions and in the end, they can all join again in a single meet.
  • Q&A: An easy interface to ask questions without interrupting the conversation.
  • Hand Raising: Participants can raise their hands when they have something to say.
  • Polling: Large audiences can engage in polls directly.

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