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Honda Global Hit by a Ransomware Attack, Work Halted

Honda Global has been suffered from a CyberAttack. The Ransomware attack has samples of SNAKE ransomware. Honda tweeted about the problem that it is facing IT difficulties and the production work at its Japan Headquarters and other places has been halted.

A Ransomware is a malware that encrypts files and the decryption can only be possible by entering a key which the cyber actor gives after demanding a certain amount of money especially cryptocurrencies.

The company’s spokesperson has not talked much about the problem yesterday in a talk with the Bleeping Computer, while today Honda has confirmed the cyber attack.

Honda can confirm that a cyber attack has taken place on the Honda network. We can also confirm that there is no information breach at this point in time.

Representative, Honda

The internal server of the Honda network has been affected by the Ransomware. Production, Financial, and Sales departments of Honda get hit by the virus. Researchers have found samples of SNAKE ransomware on an internal domain of Honda located at

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In a report of the Bleeping Computer, it is noted that the virus also affects the IP address which is located at

The VirusTotal report of the samples found has indicated that the culprit is SNAKE Ransomware, popularly known as Ekans Ransomware. The two reports of the samples found are shared by @milkream. You can check out the reports by clicking on the below links. We recommend you not to download the samples.

  1. Report 1
  2. Report 2

Work is being undertaken to minimise the impact and to restore full functionality of production, sales and development activities. At this point, we see minimal business impact


It is not cleared yet from the company about the amount demanded by the attackers. Security Researchers are still investigating the issue. Stay tuned for more updates.

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