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TOSHIBA Suffered A Ransomware Attack

The Japanese tech giant Toshiba revealed a ransomware attack that attacked its European Subsidiary Toshiba Tec Corporation. Nowadays ransomware attacks are becoming pretty common. A few days ago the chemical industry giant Brenntag also underwent a ransomware attack. As a result, it had to pay a huge sum of 4.4 million dollars. For those who are not familiar with a ransomware attack. Hackers steal confidential data from huge companies. In return, they ask the respective companies a great sum of money to keep the data confidential.

As far as the investigation result shows, the group recognizes that it is possible that some information and data may have been leaked by the criminal gang, we will continue to conduct further investigation in cooperation with external specialized organization to grasp the details.


Toshiba hasn’t revealed how much data was breached. The company said that the investigation is going on. However, the cyberattack was only limited to the European subsidiary Toshiba Tec Corporation. This was possible by quickly disconnecting the connections via servers between Japan and Europe. The attack Toshiba experienced was the Darkside Ransomware attack.

Before Toshiba disclosing the ransomware attack, The Darkside ransomware’s listed it on their website. Their website isn’t accessible as of now as the gang caught the attention of the Colonial Pipeline Flasco. Darkside admitted that it had lost control of its servers which also include the payment servers. This means that the Darkside ransomware gang lost control of their own infrastructure.

A couple of hours ago, we lost access to the public part of our infrastructure, in particular to the -blog -payment server -CDN servers At the moment, these servers cannot be accessed via SSH, and the hosting panels have been blocked.

Darkside ransomware’s gang (translated from Russian to English)

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