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Indian Government to Enable Private Players to Carry Out Space Activities

Indian Government’s “Atmanirbhar Bharat” economic package of Rs 20 lakh Crore announced some extraordinary policies and programs for Startup and Private sectors. The soul purpose of this scheme is to give good access to the space areas where both government and private sectors can work for Aatmanirbhar Bharat. Accordingly, Startups and Private firms will be allowed to use infrastructural facilities of ISRO to build satellites and rockets under this Atmanirbhar Yojana.

Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman, the Current Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs of India announced this plan with a cause that, Private and Startup section of our nation develops space-related technology. However, due to Indian regulations, they are unable to utilize ISRO’s facilities, not even for testing their products. Thus, this opportunity will provide them a lot of provisions from very little stuff up to future projects for planetary exploration and outer space travel.

Liberal Geospatial Data Policy

In India, a lot of geospatial data, for Indians, is available to do work on. Now, the government has decided to provide this data to Indians particularly like Startups which are looking for irrigation works, drought-prone area development work, etc.

As per Sitharaman’s statement, these Startups don’t get this data from India. Thus, they go abroad and pay much more than a fair price for the country’s noble cause. This policy is will be recognized as Liberal Geospatial Data Policy.

Tech Entrepreneurs and Indian Startups doing pioneering work would be shared remote sensing data. Of course, this work will be done with a lot of caution as it is a sensitive matter.

ISRO positively replied to this announcement as,

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