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OnePlus Confirms 5 New OxygenOS features from users’ Suggestions

When it comes to speed OnePlus is rarely beaten by any other, the Chines phone manufacturer uses an android based OS known as Oxygen to provide users with a smooth and speedy UI. Recently OnePlus reached out to its community of loyal fans and asked for ideas to be added to the OxygenOS. As stated by the company, it received 5,000 ideas and 25k supporting likes from its community.

The company recently confirmed the addition of some of these ideas to their OS. Apparently not all of these ideas could make it to the finished product.

1. Always On Display (AOD)

OnePlus is going to add always-on display after the request of several users. Though always on display consumes more energy, it allows users to display clocks or screen-savers on their mobile Screen. The feature will be available by August or September as confirmed by OnePlus.

2. Locking Hidden Pictures in Gallery

This feature will make the hidden photos in the gallery inaccessible unless a fingerprint a provided, adding an extra layer of security to such images.

3. Sound Notification on Full Charge

This feature will play a sound indicating the battery is fully charged, previously only a notification light was capable of indicating a full charge for the phones.

4. Making Groups/Folders in App drawer

Users will now be able to make folders or group their apps within the App Drawer.

5. Added Features to Zen Mode

OnePlus will now allow the usage of more features when the phone is in Zen Mode. Such features will include a calculator, a calendar, etc.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, many more ideas surfaced during OnePlus’s campaign to collect ideas from its community, but apparently not all of them could be implemented. Features such as variable charging speeds, stock apps selection, and custom fingerprint animations were not considered for reasons mentioned on the OnePlus Community Platform.

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