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How to return an Amazon item?

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping stores in India, providing a wide range of products from electronic appliances to clothes to books to groceries and many more. However, there are some instances, when the products we order are random, get mixed up or are broken. Also, it may happen that the clothes orders may not fit or you get a damaged book. For this reason,  Amazon provides its customers an easy and simple procedure to return an item to Amazon which is as follows;

Step 1: Open the Amazon app or log in to
Step 2: Go to the Amazon orders page.
Step 3: Each order will be in a separate box. Scrolling down select the order you want to return.
Step 4: Click the Return items button on the right side.
Step 5: Click the checkmark next to the product you want to return.
Step 6: On the right-hand side, select the reason for return from the drop-down menu.
Step 7: Explain the correct reason for the return in the box below.
Step 8: click the continue button.
Step 9: A new page will appear. It will offer a way to resolve the problem. In most cases there will just be one option selected by default -Refund. Another option will also be available offering the exchange of item with a fresh item. Selecting any one option as per the need click Continue.
Step 10: In the next page, select a pickup date from the drop-down menu.
Step 11: Previously mentioned delivery address will be displayed as the pickup address by default. You can change the pickup address by clicking Change address.
Step 12: Once you are complete with the return process, click submit. When you’re ready to complete the return process, click Submit. Option will be available to Print a return receipt. Amazon will send it’s delivery person to pick up the product you want to return. According to your wish, soon a new product will be delivered or refund will be credited to your account.

Amazon’s Return Policy

One can return the products only if they are listed within the return window while the products that are not returnable will not fall under this provision. However, different products have different policies as many Amazon products are listed, processed, and sold by third parties. Items must be returned in their original condition, and with all accessories, certificates of authenticity, and other such collateral included.
As per Amazon’s return policy, you can return the product within 30 days.

However, customers should be aware about the fact that, if one returns too many products within a short period of time,  Amazon has the right to ban you from shopping with them. It is rare but it happens!

How to Return a Gift from Amazon?

Go to the Amazon Online Returns Center and find the “Return a gift” button near the center of the page.
Enter the “Order number” from your gift receipt. Then, Select the item to return from the gift and click continue. Choose the return method from the mentioned options. Select whether you wish to credit the cash directly into the card or reserve it for further purchases.
However, unfortunately if the item was not marked as gift by the sender, you should go for customer service.

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