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How to Mine Pi Cryptocurrency on Smartphone?

Mining Bitcoins is a bit hard and investing in the same is very risky. According to the Mine Pi network, Many of us are left out of the Pi Revolution and certainly, it is true. Talking about Pi Network, it is a new form of a cryptocurrency named as ‘Picoin’. The coin has still not achieved its market value and fortunately, you can mine till then for free.

What is Pi?

Pi is a cryptocurrency Developed by a few of Stanford University Graduates which makes them worth a try.

Pi Network Value: $0.00428906

Pi Network Price: 1 BTC = 2251489.13 PI

How to Mine Pi currency?

Pi can certainly be mined directly from your phone without wasting much of your time and effort. You can simply download the application via this link

One cannot join without an invitation code for security reasons. Please be free to use one of our Invitation codes i.e. khalid7999

Pi Network Review:


  1. The application is free with zero in-app purchases
  2. Zero battery consumption.
  3. Runs even in the background


  1. You need to maintain 24-hour streak by a single tap at every 24 hours
  2. The app can only be used if referred to. Please feel free to use our referral code.

The mining  will stop when the application reaches 10 Million users and people will be allowed to hereby withdraw their collected coins. Currently, the application base is 2.5 millions.

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