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Donald Trump to Use YouTube Ads For Election Campaign

Sources confirm that US President Donald Trump has done a major ad buy on YouTube ahead of US presidential elections.

YouTube’s homepage will feature ads in support of Donald Trump’s reelection campaign on election day 2020. As confirmed by Bloomberg on Thursday.

Since the President has announced his candidacy for reelection his spam team is trying every effort to promote Donald Trump.

He was Impeached a few days earlier and there are chances he may lose this election. It is now clear that YouTube will be full with the face of Donald Trump on Election Day.

It is not the very first time this strategy has been applied in 2019 Trump’s reelection campaign spent between $500,000 to $1 million on the ad space ahead of the first Democratic presidential debate in June 2019. The debate was live-streamed with the face of the president blinking at the very Ads available on the stream.

Bloomberg reported Thursday that the YouTube banner is “more akin to a Super Bowl ad” than a traditional targeted ad buy. It’s not clear how much Trump’s reelection campaign spent on the ad space, but it can cost campaigns more than $1 million a day.

It is supposed that YouTube will charge 1 Million USD per day from The president.

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