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No College Degree Required to Work With Elon Musk

SpaceX and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk recently revealed that you don’t actually need a college degree to work in Tesla. Musk replied to a tweet recently confirming that he only looks for exceptional capabilities in a person rather than being graduate from a prestigious university.

It is not the first time when Elon said that you don’t need a college degree to be capable to work at Tesla as examples like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs don’t actually have a degree and it will be great to hire such people.

What do you need to work at Tesla?

In an interview (in 2014) with Auto Bild, a German Automotive Publication, Musk said that he doesn’t actually look for degrees. Then what Elon looked for?

There’s no need even to have a college degree at all, or even high school to work in Tesla. If a candidate has done some really exceptional work before, it is highly likely that the person will do so again.

Elon Musk

What Musk ask in Interview?

He asks the candidates about the problems he/she encountered in the past and how he/she solves it. What are the tasks need to solve that problem and if the person actually solved that problem then Elon gets the answer while if he/she unable to answers then one can clearly understand that the person does not actually have the exceptional ability.

If somebody graduated from a great university, that may be an indication that they will be capable of great things, but it’s not necessarily the case. If you look at, say, people like Bill Gates or Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs, these guys didn’t graduate from college, but if you had a chance to hire them, of course, that would be a good idea.

Elon Musk

Tim Cook also follows the same principle as he said in an interview that you don’t need a college degree to be a coder.

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