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Feel Virtual Objects And Track Pulse With Tesla VR Gloves

Tesla has recently introduced “TeslaSuit Glove”. With the help of this VR Gloves, you can feel virtual objects and can obtain biometric data too. The gloves will launch at CES2020 on January 7th in Las Vegas and will hit the market in mid-2020

The VR Gloves integrates haptics, motion capture, biometry and force feedback. The glove is completely wireless and supports Wi-Fi. It can be used for tele-control and medical-rehabilitation.

We’ve created the TESLASUIT GLOVE to expand XR training capabilities. The array of integrated features makes our product extremely versatile for a wide range of industries. TESLASUIT GLOVE will hit the market in 2nd hаlf 2020; we have already been transforming the XR industry and now we are empowering the user to do so much more.

Sergei Nossoff, CEO of TESLASUIT

The glove can provide data such as stress level, emotional state, and heart-beat. It offers full-body motion capture. It will determine the finger and wrist position. It is equipped with the pulse oximeter. Also, nine electrodes on each finger make a sense of virtual objects.

After detection, the VR gloves will provide the force feedback that includes spatial, resistance and vibration effect. The VR gloves are under testing and users can’t use it in CES2020.

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