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Adobe Previewed Image Manipulation Detection AI Features in Sneak Event

The recent Adobe’s Sneak event in Max Creativity Conference previewed many new AI features including detection of manipulated images, sweet talk, all in, sound seek, awesome audio, and many more.

The feature stressed on the use of Adobe’s Sensei AI platform. Adobe official blog detailed about each and every new feature previewed in the event. So let us know more about the new previewed features.


During group photos, there is always one person missing as people turn into a photographer. You will need two photos, one of the group and the other of the photographer. By this smart AI, it will find the missing face and blend it in the other. It is illustrated in the below video.


Many times, editing brings misinformation and changing facial features many times can fool you. The About Face project will allow you to identify and adjust the facial features and revert them back.


This awesome AI feature will convert poor recordings into professional sounds. The AI offers denoising, dereverbing, equalization, and environment matching with a single click.


This Adobe’s feature will let you match your lipsing with animated characters. The characters’ facial expressions and mouth movements can match up with the audio file easily.


Now non-technical designers can too make AR Applications by combining video prototyping and AR Authoring in the project Pronto.

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