Researchers develop smart speaker skill that helps monitor baby’s breathing using white noise

Researchers have new smart speaker skill that lets a device use white noise to soothe sleeping. Also monitor their breathing and movement. The smart speaker plays white noise and records how the noise ids reflected back to detect breathing motions of infant.

White noise is a combination of different sound frequencies, which makes a seemingly random soothing sound that can help cover up other noises that might wake a sleeping baby. “One of the biggest challenges new parents face is making sure their babies get enough sleep. They also want to monitor their children while they are sleeping. with this in mind, we sought to develop a system that combines soothing white noise with an ability to measure infant’s breathing” said Jacob Sunshine.

The team created a prototype smart speaker to test breath junior on an infant. The researchers could set the simulator to breathe at specific rates. The system performed well for the tests.

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