Google is Launching USB-C Titan Security Key

Tomorrow, Google will launch a new USB-C Titan Security Key at Google Store for $40. It is built on FIDO Standard. In August 2018, Google Launched the USB-A key and Bluetooth key with NFC Capabilities but this all-new USB-C will lack it.

Google partnered with Yubico to manufacture the third key and as per reports, it is quite the same as Yubikey 5C. The USB-A and Bluetooth key is available at $25 and $35.

titan google usb

The USB-C key is compatible with Android Smartphones, Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows devices. To make the key resistant to physical harm, the USB-C key’s firmware is permanently sealed into a secure element hardware chip.

yubikey 5c 2
yubikey 5c

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