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World’s largest computer chip has been unveiled by a California based startup

World’s largest computer chip has been unveiled by a California based startup. The chip is named as The Wafer Scale Engine that is typically bigger than a standard iPad.

The chip is designed by Cerebras Systems. The firm claimed that a single chip can drive complex artificial intelligence (AI) systems in everything from driverless cars to surveillance software as per the report of BBC.

The Difference

We are driving towards an era where macro chips are converted into minor chips that is computer chips are getting smaller over time while the case with this chip is a totally different one.

The most powerful GPUs have as many as 5,000 cores.

But Cerebras’ new chip has 400,000 cores, all linked to each other by high-bandwidth connections.

The firm told that this gives it an advantage at handling complex machine learning challenges with less lag and lower power requirements than combinations of the other options.

The company had “overcome decades-old technical challenges” that had limited chip size. “Reducing training time removes a major bottleneck to industry-wide progress”

Andrew Feldman , Founder and CEO, Cerebras

In a blog post by Dr. Ian Cutress, he explained that “When you start to deal with bigger chips like this, companies need specialist infrastructure to support them, which will limit who can use it practically.

“That’s why it’s suited for artificial intelligence development as that’s where the big dollars are going at the moment.”

A close-up of the Wafer Scale Engine being manufactured

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