Filter on Instagram can be made by you

Instagram is one of most popular social network now. It allows you to upload images on stories and posts. Users can add filters and edit their photos. Instagram offers many filters for users and occasions. In recent times, AR filters have become very popular. Meanwhile, Facebook recently announced it will allow users to create their own Instagram filters.

Facebook made Spark AR Studio available for public. This software is available for both Mac and Windows. Here we will see how to create your own Instagram filter?


Making a new filter:

Firstly, download Spark AR Studio’s latest version on your computer. Once downloaded, open the program. You will be greeted with a screen showing lots of starter project. It has many samples to work with and also can be downloaded. Start of a new sample project or you may create a new project. Now there are a lot of tools to work with. The interface has different components; simulator, view port, scene panel, tool bar, and a lot more. You may start off with a face mesh distortion and make changes to your face. Or you can add AR objects to the scene.

Source: The Verge

Exporting :

You can check out your filter on a video. Also you can have live preview using webcam. This helps to verify it before exporting. From File menu you can export the effect and publish it to Instagram or Facebook.

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