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Musk To Merge Human Brains And AI

Elon Musk’s brain electrode firm Neuralink will start treating brain injuries or achieve a symbiosis with artificial intelligence! This will also enable humans to control their smartphones and computers via their thoughts.

Neuralink aims to develop technology to connect brain with the outer world to help the paralyzed people. Their has been a successful test of this system on a monkey and firm has already applied to US regulators to start trials on humans. The system consists of tiny probes which contains more than 3000 electrodes attached to flexible threads. These threads are actually thinner than a human hair and can monitor the activity of 1000 neurons. The system is capable of analyzing brain with machine learning. This readings will help the system to give stimulation to the patients. Explaining the Neuralink, Musk says, “Neurons represent information in the rate statistics and precise timing of spikes. Our goal is to record from and selectively stimulate as many neurons as possible across diverse brain areas.”

The company is also planning of creating a chip that can be implanted in a human brain to treat variety of brain injuries and diseases. Elon Musk says that connecting a brain to an interface would create a new layer of super intelligence in the human brain similar to that of a smartphone. I am sure that this piece of technology will bring the biggest change ever.

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