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Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions {#2019 Edition}

Thinking of web browser’s first thing which comes in mind is Google Chrome, there are tons of web browsers out there but by far the most Chrome is the most convenient out of all. According to a 2018’s report, 67.1% of the world’s population uses Chrome as their default Browser. You might be reading this Article on Chrome itself.

Chrome offers some great features but one of the features which makes chrome superior to its counterparts is “EXTENSIONS”. Just try installing extensions from other browsers & compare it with Chrome, you will find a lot of differences. Chrome even has its own Extension Store (Chrome Store) where you can find different kinds of productive Extensions and Themes.

There are tons & tons of Extensions on Chrome store but you don’t worry we have handpicked some great Chrome Extensions, Just for you so sit back relax & read the article till the End.

#1 Grammarly

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Grammarly is one of the most used Extensions present on the Chrome store. It is an AI-based Spelling & Grammar checker. Grammarly can fix lots of complex grammatical errors. It also provides many suggestions like word choices, where to add commas, full stops, line spacing & more. Grammarly gets active whenever you write on the web regardless on which platform you write Facebook, Gmail, Twitter etc.

#2 HTTPS Everywhere

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HTTPS Everywhere is an Extension which automatically converts all the insure HTTP websites to secure HTTPS secure layer, which provides an extra layer of Security whenever you are present on an insecure Website. Basically, this Extension works as a shield against all the which contains flaws or insecure elements, which can cause great harm to your precious Data.

#3 AD Guard

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One of the best Ad Blocker Extension present on Chrome store but is also very underrated (slowly & steadily its gaining popularity). It efficiently blocks all the advertisements, Pop-ups & harmful ads present on Facebook, YouTube & all other websites as well. It’s free, efficiently & also speeds ups the loading time of the website. You can even notice how many ads are blocked on a particular website. It really works like a charm.

#4 Focus

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Focus is an amazing Theme present to Chrome store which replaces new tabs page with a stunning Image-based theme setup, which will show you awesome images for 365 days constantly. The new tabs menu will also show location-based timely updates for all the recent events near you. And every next day when you open chrome, you will find some different & fantastic images present in the Home Page. Get rid of the same, simple, boring new tabs menu & install FOCUS.

#5 Hola Vpn

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Hola is a VPN Extension which helps you unblock websites which are blocked in your country, region, school or college virtually without any threat. It is one of the fastest & most secure VPN service. It also helps you choose which country you want to select based on your preference. The best thing that it is Ad-free & very easy to use.

Some Honourable Mentions

#1 Dark Reader

Untitled design 1

Feature of Dark Mode is hyped so much so the developers came up with an Extension called “Dark reader” for Chrome which lets you set a system-wide Dark mode. The Dark mode works on many websites, good for eyes (less strain on eyes), lets you adjust brightness, contrast, filters from the setting itself.

#2 Duck Duck Go Privacy essentials

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This is an Extension provided by the Famous Duck Duck Go search engine, which protects your data, blocks hidden trackers, doesn’t track you privately. You can even use Duck Duck Go search engine instead of Google. This will provide some extra security as Duck Duck go never tracks privately & never stores any private Data of users.

Comment down your Favourite Chrome Extensions.

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