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Amazon Confirms to Keep Alexa Recording Forever!

amazon recordings

Anonymous is just a word nowadays as not a single person is hiding from the internet, whether it is Google or any other thing all have a track on us. And recently Amazon also told that they have all your talk data or say recordings and they will be not going to delete it unless you delete it specifically. This is really a great threat to the Alexa users as they don’t have privacy as well as security.

Now the users must think twice or thrice before keeping Alexa as they wouldn’t be aware when and what is Alexa listening too! Amazon told that they have all the audios and transcripts unless and until you delete them manually. But when you delete the audios the transcripts also gets deleted. Amazon saves the users interaction with Alexa, the company said. For example, you order any pizza or any digital item, then they need to keep the data as a receipt for the transaction.

Also, the employees listen to almost 1000 audio recordings per day. They need these audio clips in order to train Alexa also. Some factors are age, environment, impairment or he/she is a native or not. So finally we conclude that Amazon is recording the audios but they don’t have any intention for the bad purpose! They are doing this to make their Alexa better by training them.

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