Google Is Making Night Sight One Of The Main Camera Modes On Pixel Phones

Camera is an important constituent of a phone and I think in today’s world no one would buy a phone without a camera. Camera has become a life for billions of people and no one can neglect it’s importance now. Maximum of the cameras have an ability to capture the beauty of the landscape or any picture in daylight or in any of the bright areas. But most of the cameras lack in dark night images which I think should be improved.

Working upon this idea only Google brought this mode in it’s Pixel mobile but it was like hidden in the options. The user had to access this mode by going in the settings menu. But recently the Google brought a major update which improved the performance of the camera. It also replaced the position of Panorama mode with that of Night sight mode.

This means that the user can now enjoy the ease of access by selecting the Night site mode quickly. This is a really good update as it focus on the importance of the camera at night. Now the people can capture beautiful pictures at night very quickly. Not only at night but also in the low light conditions. Let’s see some photos which shows the efficiency of the Google Night sight mode.

This image clearly illustrates the efficiency of the Google Pixel in low light conditions by comparing it with a picture shot on iPhone. This phone is way ahead then other phones! In future it would definitely improve it’s camera performance.

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