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Apple Improves App Download Threshold for iPhone users to 200 MB Over Cell Data

Finally, Apple has increased the limit on cellular data use levied on iOS App Store downloads on iPhones and iPads. Instead of the earlier 150 MB threshold, iOS users can now download file size apps up to 200 MB. While this is a friendly move for many users, it does not yet resolve the issue of using data to download or update any heavy app.

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In 2017, when the download cap was raised from 100 MB to 150 MB, Apple last raised the download limit over mobile data. The change happened when iOS 11 arrived, which further introduced a modified App Store. Before that, since iOS 7 arrived, the typical limit was 100 MB.

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Whereas Apple has still not disclosed the reason for the rise in download limit, it is most probably due to apps growing in size over the days, in addition to the size of updates for heavy games that often cross that limit. Indeed, enabling the download of larger file sizes on data is a slow but sure advancement on behalf of Apple. It is a beneficial node to mobile data’s increasing accessibility, which is seeing a constant reduction in reliance on locating secure, fast Wi-Fi networks to enable downloads.

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