Uprade your ordinary speaker to a smart Alexa speaker!!!

Are you tired of your same old boring speaker system?

Would you like to spice up the life of your old speaker?

Then your time has come….**drumrolls** presenting the amazon alexa input.

So what does it do?

This is just the normal alexa instead you plug it into your sound system and voila now you have a smart speaker system.



With the help of this you say alexa and it will do whatever you ask it to do on the speaker. Instead of being a standalone device it makes your speaker a smart system and guess what, you can even control it with your phone so even if you’re out of the hearable range of this device you can still control it.


You can easily connect the “input” to any speaker with the help of an aux cable or via a bluetooth connection.

one cool feature of input is that you can use it to control all the other alexa speakers too. You can just tell it to play music everywhere and it will start playing music on all the alexa devices.

PRICE: Currently it is available at ₹2999 on – Alexa Input.

So should you buy this?

There are 2 kinds of people who should buy this:

The first one who already has alexa speakers with them but you don’t have a smart home theater system so this alexa input will complete their smart speaker system.

The second one are those who wants to get started with their smart home system and doesn’t wants to directly jump into the costly standalone alexa.

if you are among these two categories  you should buy this and yeah it sounds interesting to control all Alexa powered devices with a single controller.



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