Zoog : The future of VPN Security!

Insecurity has become one of the most sensational topic among us. Most of us feel in-secured when you have no one to offer you a protection,especially when people start using you as an open book.We live in a country where the feminine gender lacks security. I agree,it sucks! But it is a bitter truth!!! Similarly,our gadgets too lack security. Do you think all your social accounts are protected?Well, I agree the fact we all have our own passwords , though we are being watched a 100 times more than the people at the biggboss house.

Women safeguard themselves with the help of certain martial arts and defence techniques. What about our gadgets? Yes! Here comes our ZOOG, to protect our data and privacy,ensuring to guard our privacy similar to the the soldiers at Moreh. This Virtual Private Network offers both speed and security provided with a set of protocols
that let us contrive our perusing experience.

A VPN is the foremost line of defense against the digital intrusions.All VPNs are not created with the exact same features. As said earlier Zoog VPN offers speed and security with 95% off at just Rs.2500/-. The distinct protocols of zoog are – OpenVPN UDP/TCP,L2TP/IPsec,PPTP,and the brand new IKEv2-inorder to give us unparalleled control over our personal needs and the device we use for browsing.

This service capes everything from our location to our identity and IP address and permits ourselves to shield our privacy from both hackers and government agencies where we enjoy a zero-logging policy in which even Zoog cannot track our movements and more. Yaayyy!!! And finally privacy gets it’s meaning!!

We are also allowed to bypass those scabrous content restrictions when we fly or sail over countries, which means we will be able to keep up with our most desired streaming content on sites (Netflix,hulu,etc..).

With just a few lines of code, cyber thieves can access everything from our browsing history to our banking info from across the spheroid – globe. To avoid such nuisances,Zoog has sealed all the holes with this VPN. For a more private functioning lets ZOOG soon!!

Subashree Mahendran

She only does not have hands on all, but keeps her mind too. An austere computer engineer turned blog writer. Thanks for looking up my profile. Happy reading.

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