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Spotify is an audio digital streaming and media services provider. It is a social media platform where artists can market their songs and fans buy plays. It has millions of followers, according to a recent study. Spotify is a platform that enables artists to close significant business deals that result in career growth.

It has over 345 million active users and 155 million subscribers, making it the largest music streaming service provider. Therefore you can reach millions of followers if you use Spotify in the right way. Spotify restricts your music from copyright. It offers free service, although you can opt to go the premium way. It has attractive in-built features making it more.

Below is a list of the five best sites to buy Spotify followers and plays:

  1. Spotifystorm

Spotifystorm is a site with the main purpose of promoting artists’ music and videos. Through the Spotifystorm platform, you can reach your music goals effortlessly. It has superb customer service. The Spotifystorm crew works around the clock for their client’s satisfaction. It’s annoying to try to reach out to someone for assistance but with a record of unanswered call logs.

If you want quick deals, Spotifystorm delivers at the right time. They don’t keep you waiting. They ensure no business or deals stagnation which may lead to loss of business opportunity. Spotifystorm offers maximum security for the count. That explains their nature of using a real account and for trial people. Their prices are pocket-friendly; you are doing business therefore cost should be minimal. For only $8.90, you buy one thousand followers, whereas, at $7.90, you get 1000 playlist followers.


SocialGreg is a digital site where artists and their fans can buy followers and plays, respectively. They are the leading in the market since they offer high-quality profiles and accounts. Fantastic profile and accounts add more follow hence more business opportunities. They deliver their quality services without delays. Socialgreg is not the type of buy and wait.

The site is user-friendly. You don’t need to log in often when requesting plans or packages – email and username are the only requirements. What of their favoring prices? Socialgreg will not exhaust your pocket to the last coin; they are relatively cheap. On Socialgreg site, your account security is at the highest notch; no worries of account misuse. Their robustness may raise quality and delivery time, but they can handle it.

  1. Jaynike

Jaynike is a digital site that accelerates the number of your Spotify followers. They have a unique interest in the marketing of video and music. As an artist, you can steadily grow your career from Jaynike. Do you want quality services? Jaynike is the solution to your problem; pick an order and get it within no time.

Their prices are pocket-friendly. With as little as $8.95, you buy one thousand followers. One thousand followers will contribute to your Spotify fame. The plays are also affordable; since you can purchase one thousand Spotify playlists at $3.95.Their low and rational prices will help you save a lot of money. They are 100% confidential and unique; nobody is aware that you bought Spotify followers.

It is not easy to choose their plans due to many offers, but their caring customer support is readily available for assistance.

  1. Viralyft

Viralyft is another site where you can buy both Spotify followers and playlists. Fame is not an easy thing to earn; however, viralyft makes it possible and workable. They inject your followers with perfect content dose hence winning their hearts. They deliver their services at the appropriate time. You don’t need to keep calling them for a reminder. Viralyft does deliver, but they deliver quality work.

They are cost-effective. You don’t have to dig deeper trying to pay for the Stopify followers and playlists. Another good thing with Viralyft is that they deal with real people, no fake accounts. However, insist more on your security account, which may worry you. At any digital site, things are bound to happen. Viralyft may not have control of some misuse of your account.

  1. Stream Digic

Stream Digic is the next site on the list where you buy Spotify followers and fans. It is a cloud-based platform enabling storing and sharing of music for different artists indiscriminately. Their services are pretty engaging. As a comprehensive digital marketing site, they guarantee you a heavy flow of relevant followers, hence more Spotify.

Stream Digic has a team of professionals at your disposal. They work 24/7 to your satisfaction. They have solutions for your problems at their fingertips. You may have bots encounters when buying Spotify followers and playlists; however, stream digic values emphasize real people.

Their prices are fair to all if you can afford them. However, buying big packages is more beneficial; that means it suits only those who believe in bulks. They sell Spotify followers at $6.90 and $9.90 for 1000 playlists.

The Bottom line

As an artist, you understand the burden of reaching out to millions of Spotify followers. It is not easy to attract as much attention to your Spotify playlist as you want it to have. You should definitely be aware of what sites offer quality services that can help you. There are those sites that will exhaust your pocket in exchange for their services so you should avoid them. Some come with a noble cause of making you famous, while others are after your money. You want something real, not bots. Therefore the above site guidelines will help you choose the one that suits your needs best.

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