SHAKTI-MOUSHIK Third Successful Indian Microprocessor Developed

SHAKTI-MOUSHIK is the Third consecutive Successful Indian Microprocessor. SHAKTI is the first open-source initiative by the Reconfigurable Intelligent Systems Engineering (RISE). At the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras develops the first indigenous industrial-grade processor.

MOUSHIK is the code name of the Shakti E-class based SoC developed at semiconductor laboratory(SCL) Indian space research organization (ISRO) at Chandigarh using 180 nm process technology. It operates at a frequency of 100 MHz. And developed alongside with a motherboard called Ardonyx v1.0. The previous Microprocessor developed by shakti was RIMO and Risecreek.

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In past, the Shakti project had successfully booted Linux on a home-grown RISC-V processor. Now they’ve announced their third chip MOUSHIK. SHAKTI-MOUSHIK is a Third Successful Indian Microprocessor that can cater to the rapidly growing IoT devices. That is an important part of smart cities of a digital India. It is a processor cum ‘System on Chip (SoC)’. Shakti project funds by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. And the vision of the team is to develop home-grown SoC’s which is competitive and available at low cost.

SHAKTI - MOUSHIK Third Successful Indian Microprocessor

Also, The technology used is 180 nm with Shakti E-class Core. Having functional 103 input-output pins. Including PWM, SPI x6, GPIO’s, UART, QSPI, I2C x2, 32 bit 512 Mb SDRAM, JTag, and CQFP packaging. It supports Arduino compatibility to interface various Arduino daughter cards.

Moreover, MOUSHIK is fully made with Indian homegrown technology. Its design is done in IIT Madras and fabrication at semiconductor laboratory Chandigarh. The motherboard printed circuit board design is done at IIT Madras. Finally, Manufacturing of this motherboard at Bengaluru assembly and post-silicon boot-up at IIT Madras.”

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