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Top 5 Websites to Download Anime

Kon’nichiwa to all the anime fans out there, In this bored pandemic we have handpicked some of the sites which will let you download and watch Anime Legally and without any noticeable issues. We will let you know the best sites to download all anime-related content. These are the best sites from which you can download anime in bulk or individually.

So here are the Top 5 Websites to Download Anime.

1. Crunchy Roll

This is the first of the Top 5 Websites to Download Anime, As per the company official Website, Crunchyroll is a WarnerMedia company (as part of Otter Media) and the world’s most popular anime brand, connects anime and manga fans in more than 200 countries and territories with 360-degree experiences.

top 5 Anime download websites

Most of the Anime are free while some are paid. The website is 100 % Authentic and Legal to stream or Download Anime Worldwide. The streaming services and website speed is comparatively to other websites.

2. Anime Lab

Here comes the second of the Top 5 Websites to Download Anime. AnimeLab offers many shows streaming for free of charge. The uptake is helped by the very fact that AnimeLab allows unlimited streaming of its catalog for free of charge, on its website, or via mobile and television apps.

The streaming and website quality is high and can be accessed easily. Content here is available with proper subtitles in few languages.

top 5 Anime download websites

3. Netflix

 The company’s primary business is its subscription-based streaming service which offers online streaming of a library of films and television series. As of the time of reporting, Netflix had over 193 million paid subscriptions worldwide.

It is quite fun to know Netflix provides a ton of Anime series in its subscription plan. The streaming quality is high but unfortunately is paid. So we are keeping it as the third of the Top 5 Websites to Download Anime.

top 5 Anime download websites

4. Prime Video

Prime Video is a service that is developed, owned, and operated by the e-commerce giant Amazon. It offers tv-series and films for rent or purchase and Prime Video. The amazon prime subscription is comparatively cheap as compared to Netflix and Crunchyroll. It also provides a ton of pre-loaded anime series in its subscription. Hence the forth of Top 5 Websites to Download Anime is prime video.

top 5 Anime download websites

5. Telegram

So here is the last Top 5 Websites to Download Anime.Telegram is the evergreen alternative to download paid videos and series. Al though it is not 100% legal but there are about tons of users who use telegram as a platform to download paid stuff for free. You just have to search the name of the movie and it automatically popup with certain groups with shared content.

top 5 Anime download websites

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