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Google Meet Gets a New Alternative Mobile Interface

Early this morning, many Google Meet users reported a change in their interface after joining a meeting room. Though there weren’t any changes seen in the pc version of GMeet. But there are minor changes in the mobile version.

Google Meet Gets a New Alternative Mobile Interface

As reported by the users, there are no major changes made in the app version of this online meeting application. But if one wants to join the meeting by just clicking on the link which is provided on any Google platform (like Gmail, Google Classroom, etc.). A new type of interface will open in front of them which is currently supported only on Google web services and Google browsers. The fonts have changed as well as the inner interface.

Though it was a sudden move made by Google on Google Meet. It can also be a part of experimental trials to get the user’s review. And talking more on users’ reviews, this update is getting a mixed reaction.

It is a server-side update and there is no need to update the app.

Thus it is difficult to state whether this server-side update by GMeet will continue. But it can be said that though there aren’t many changes. There isn’t anything new or exciting about it. Therefore, this doesn’t create any huge impact in the long run.

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